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Colonial Heritage - CH2995

Northshore - CH2985

Georgian, Federal, Williamsburg, Greek Revival, Dutch, Charleston, and saltbox designs
that recreate the rich architectural legacy of our nation's early days.
48 designs that range in square footage from 1642 to 4737.

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CH3972 Montmarte
Toward the very end of the Federal era, after Adam style, there occurred a very beautiful and elegant period of architecture called Regency.
First Floor Bedroom
Colonial (Georgian, Federal, Williamsburg, Saltbox)
First Floor Bedroom
CH4302 Westmonte
Breathtaking is only one of many appropriate adjectives that can be applied to this splendid house.
Colonial (Georgian, Federal, Williamsburg, Saltbox)
CH4737 Eastover
The Regency period, a transition between Adam style and Greek Revival, is celebrated in this exquisitely proportioned residence.
Colonial (Georgian, Federal, Williamsburg, Saltbox)
First Floor Bedroom
CH8253 Brentley
We are most pleased to announce the publincation of our newest house plan book, to Masterpiece Collection, a breath-taking edition of twelve of the most beautiful mansions designed.
Colonial (Georgian, Federal, Williamsburg, Saltbox)
First Floor Bedroom
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